One of the contemporary strategies in stock market investment is called market beating where when investing you will learn to be practical although it might be a bit costlier as compared to many other forms of stock investment. In Malaysia, the blue chip stocks are the renowned companies like Maybank, Genting Bhd, Berjaya Corp and such so you will have to be looking at such counters in Bursa Malaysia in order to enjoy the profit.

Look for companies selling real products

The most important thing you must do first is to pick a stock which are involved with selling real products and are profitable each financial year. While this might not be a sure-win strategy, it is most likely to earn you some handsome profits if you invest. Generally, you must find companies which are well established which have a long run of good results and will have many more long runs to come.

For instance, Nestle will be a company which falls under this category as you will foresee that people will continue to drink Milo and Nescafe for many years to come. In most cases, such stocks will perform well because they are considered to be very well established and hence investing in their counters will have some returns. The main hurdle usually is in the initial purchase of the share which might, as mentioned are costlier.

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