With young children in the house, you just cannot be too careful about safety measures. So here are tips you should not ignore.

One important axiom to remember is “monkey see, monkey do”. Your child learns through imitation so avoid doing things you don’t want your kids doing. They do not yet understand the danger behind certain actions, such as standing on the coffee table to change the bulb in the ceiling lamp.

Teach your child to say “aaah” and to recognize the instruction “open your mouth and stick out your tongue”. In an emergency, these could be life-saving words.

Avoid using table cloths that can be pulled off high tables. Be sure not to put anything on these tables as things can topple on your child and hurt him. Do not place furniture close to or under windows as this unwittingly encourages kids to climb up towards expected danger.

Paint walls with lead-free, child-safe washable paint.

Make sure all rooms are airy and well-ventilated

Bathrooms should preferably be out of bounds to kids. If your child needs to be inside (with you), look out for sinks with sharp, hard corners, hot pipes, soiled gully traps and collapsing toilet seat covers. Keep bathrooms dry, free from hair (which kids will pick up) and soap suds (which make the floor slippery).

Keep extension cords out of reach and sight, and do not leave unused cords lying around. Have all unused electrical outlets covered with safety plugs and do not allow kids to play with switches.

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