The Renovation Guide here is the most ideal place to learn all about renovation which provides the resources and available information about anything on home makeovers, repair works, fittings, new technologies and others. Here, members will find a comprehensive guide which will provide insights, top tips and any other types of information pertaining to everything related to renovation of the home, office or any other space.

Interior Design Ideas

The best tips and advice on interior design and maximizing the functions of the items within the house or office is offered here. Members can share information from each other about the best tips, the most suitable designs and resources on proper use of objects are provided as well.

Air-conditioning tips

It is known that air-conditioning and related cooling systems are the highest contributor to electricity bills. This section provides information and the best advice on how to ensure that air-conditioning systems are efficiently used.

Fencing design and ideas

All types of fencing designs and related issues are provided in this segment. Whether it is barbed-wire fencing, stoned walls, concrete or cement fences, this segment provides insights and the best resources for you.

Bedrooms concepts and fengshui

This segment has all types of renovation tips and advice on how to make the bedroom conducive for resting and sleeping. Directions to place the bed, measuring the wardrobe and maximizing the bedroom are among the popular topics deliberated here.

Feng Shui matters

This is an important feature of renovation today. Feng Shui is not a superstition and it is being widely practiced by top corporations and celebrity homes as it promotes balance and other harmonious elements within the space.

Electricity and wiring

This segment describes the issue of electricity and how you can save on wiring and utilization. New technologies like LED lighting in Malaysia and other platforms are discussed here while offering the best tips on how to save on electricity for you.

Wall design and wallpapers

This segment provides all types of related designs for the walls of your home and office. Whether it is an artistic wall or the use of wallpapers, this is a comprehensive section with images as examples and advice from some of the top renovation experts in the market.

Design concepts from all over the world

The Design Concepts segment gives an overview to all the different types of design and motifs you can implement for your home or office. You can choose between the rustic old look, renaissance era or the very contemporary outlook before you start renovation. Learn from the experts and share some design ideas of your own with other members here.

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