Did you experience back pain and couldn’t sleep well? Practically all adults experience mild or severe pain in the back at one time or another. The structure and functions of the backbone (spine) make the back prone to pan or injury. The spine, is important to support human body. A false or sudden move, too much stress, for instance heavy weight carried or wrongly lifted, or poor posture can cause back pain. Although it is often not serious and can be easily prevented, it can sometimes be due to diseases or injury of the spine, or rarely, pelvic and abdominal diseases like kidney stone or infection.

Some common causes are such as:

  1. Bone, joint or other diseases (e.g. arthritis, tumors).
  2. Obesity, which puts heavy stress on the spine.

Again, what can you do for prevention? If you must sit, stand, or stoop for long periods, shift your position every 30 minutes. Practice good posture to keep your back straight can help. For a good reason, make sure your mattress is firm and adequate for back support and have a proper sleeping position. Try to allocate time for regular exercise. Also, avoid to wear high-heeled shoes.

Treat your backbone as the main support of your body and take well care of it.

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