Stressful. Full of sickness, lack of objectives, funs and happiness in life. These could be something that are happening to some people due to health problems. Partly because no proper measurements were taken over their day-to-day health requirements. For men to live longer is not difficult to achieve. Dangerous killer diseases like stroke and heart attack can be controlled with good diet management.

An apple a day, or eat at least a fresh fruit everyday is definitely helping.  Fruit-eaters especially for those who can maintain this habit over a long period of time like 10 years, 20 years and so on, statistics shows that they have about 30 percent lower death rate from stroke than the others. Also, the percentage of suffering from heart attacks is significantly lesser. Fresh fruits obviously balance your diets. Reduce meat whenever possible will safeguard your cholesterol levels.

Learn how to manage tension resulted from work, daily lives is also a key factor. Monday could be the day when most people are likely to encounter stress more than other days of the week. Normally this will move to a lesser extent on Friday or during weekends. Manage you time and free you mind whenever possible.

It may just be a plan of your retirement to stay healthy and strong when the source of monthly income is stopped. You may not have enough money to sustain from the medical fees if you are not diseases-free. Exercise regularly as always a principal of the writer of this article can lead you to long life.


Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Cutting down the intake of meats by replacing with vegetables or fruits is of great value to your body and less chances from disease attacks. Here are some meal alignment steps for your consideration:

  1. Add a fruit or vegetable to your lunch. Easily found when you eat at the restaurant are juices, soups or salads. For those who take their meal at a coffee shop or food stalls, always drop by at a fruit stall around you.
  2. Give it a try to select a new recipe every month in which vegetables or fruit are the main ingredient. Visit vegetarian restaurant, pasta mix, meat free pizza, home cooked vegetarian food, or purely fruits could be a few ways to maintain.
  3. Keep some seasonal fruits in a basket or fridge at home or in your office. Varieties that can be kept in weeks like apples, pears or melons, should be easily available on your desktop when you need.
  4. New frozen vegetable can be as rich in nutrients as fresh produce. Try it.
  5. To maximise the chances to obtain all the nutrients you need, eat at least one deep yellow and one dark green vegetable daily.
  6. Find new ways to make vegetables appealing. For example, season them with lemon juice or add minced garlic or onion.
  7. Backup with stocks in your freezer or pantry like keeping fruits canned in their own juice. Grapes and peeled banana are great frozen. Another would be corn, red beans, green beans, carrots that are so favourable to most people can be frozen as well.
  8. Ever add fruit to your breakfast? It’s a good habit by having sliced banana on cereal or just a glass of fruit juice. If you have not owned one, go and buy a juice maker.

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