Investing in penny stocks is one of the current strategies when investing in public listed companies in Malaysia. The opposite strategy to this would be in the investing in Blue Chips and it is much cheaper with a Penny Stock mentality. Investing in penny stocks are considered safer in many ways where one can afford to wait because not too much money are spent initially.

It is believed that investing in penny stocks (which are calculated in sen) are one of the win-win strategies because one can afford to wait for the stocks prices to rise. In Malaysia, share prices are never stagnant and it is no different with low price stocks like these.

Two brains are better than one!

Share your strategies here with others on how to invest in penny stocks because it involves some thinking and calculation where you could be buying a few stocks and breaking even by selling half of the stocks you hold. Whether it is AEM, ACostec, Mithrill, Tiger, Huaan, LEESK or any other stocks which are cheaper by any standards, you will find that investing in Penny Stocks can be beneficial as well as have its returns if you know the right and appropriate way to invest in.

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