Investing in any public companies in Malaysia is not an easy thing to do considering that you will be spending thousands of Ringgits in a hope to get good returns. Hence you will need to know a bit more about how you can go about when buying or selling shares of a specific company in Malaysia.

Take for example, you like the Genting Berhad share and you have the money to buy the share. When would be the best time to do so? The most important thing is you must know when this company’s share price is at a low and that is your cue to buy and then when the time comes it is the time to sell.

This is where you get the best expert views of which Malaysian company has the best prices for trading. Learn from others and then monitor the Bursa Malaysia and when the cue comes, make sure you do not miss it. Only by doing so will you be able to make a profit in your investment.

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