If you are looking to invest in the technology sector this year, Bursa Malaysia has much to offer. You will find that technology companies are mushrooming in recent years what with the need and the demand for better and faster technology among consumers and users around the country. Hence, you will find that companies which manufacture or offer technology-based services and products might just be a sound investment and worth considering.

The company with the largest market capitalisation is JCY International Berhad which is among some of the most unknown companies in Malaysia. In the grand scheme of things, JCY is a hard disk drive manufacturer which supplies its products to the global market. This makes it one of the major market players in the sector. It rose to fame recently after the major flood crisis hit Thailand which saw some manufacturers having to halt production while JCY continued on unaffected. Its factories are also in Thailand and China while it is headquartered in Johor with plants in Penang and Melaka.

UNISEM (M) Bhd a major player in in tech industry

UNISEM (M) Bhd meanwhile is top technology stock that you can consider. The semiconductor provider is quite an internationally renowned brand with its facilities located in the UK, Indonesia, China, United States while in Malaysia, it is located in Perak. UNISEM has a network of clients that are hugely successful and have been a major player in this industry for many years now.

One of the recent players in the technology sector is the subsidiary of YTL Group, YTL E-Solutions Bhd. The company is basically the information technology and electronic-commerce arm for YTL where it is also involved in digital media, content and communications technology. Through Infoscreen Networks PLC, YTL E-Solutions run its won narrowcast digital media networks where the company is listed in the London Stock Exchange. Through Airzed Service, the company operates its wireless fixed broadband services.

One of the top broadband providers in Malaysia

Another major player in the wireless internet service is Green Packet Berhad which have been selling its P1 services to consumers with much success. The company started off in Silicon Valley in San Francisco and is now headquartered in Petaling Jaya. The 4G device and service provider employs more than 1,000 people and they operate in the likes United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Despite the stiff competition in this sector coming from other telco players like TM, Maxis and Celcom, Green Packet has been quite resilient since its launch and is still going strong.

Financial giant Hong Leong group too have a hand in the technology sector and if you like what Hong Leong can offer then you can consider investing in the Malaysian Pacific Industries Bhd share. MPI in short, the company is involved in the semiconductor business where its subsidiaries are involved in the manufacturing and other related services of integrated circuits and devices.

Company who supplied Mykad chip

Meanwhile, IRIS Corp Bhd is another company that is always worth investing in. After all, it holds one of the largest technology based governmental project in Malaysia, which is the MyKAD. The global solutions provider is one of the industry experts in digital identity sectors while it is also involved in other forms of businesses like farming and environmental solutions too.

Their contact and contactless smart cards remain as their signature and best projects. IRIS is the first company o set up fully integrated manufacturing facilities of contact and contactless smartcards, document inserts and other products in Asia. Apart from that, they also came up with the first electronic passport in the world. From there, the technology and the MyKAD project has already gained much popularity in other countries.

20 years in LED manufacturing

A strong and seasoned player in the technology is Globetronics Technology Berhad. This company has been operating for more than 20 years now where it started off with only a 20,000 square feet facility. Today, they have expanded their manufacturing plant to more than 600,000 square feet in Penang where they are involved in the manufacturing of LED, encoders and sensors, semiconductors, timing devices and quartz crystals.

Some of these parts are used in the production of current devices and models like the iPad, GPS devices, mobile phones and many others. Apart from that, Globetronics is also involved in the software sector through its subsidiary Globetronics Multimedia Technology Sdn Bhd which is an award winning IT solutions and services company.

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