VICTORIA University of Technology, or Victoria University, VicUni or VUT, as it is known by its students, enjoys a good reputation in Australia.

It claims to be one of most innovative and fastest growing institutions of higher education.

In a survey of universities by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia, VUT was awarded a five-star ranking for the quality of its teaching.  At VUT, it places great emphasis on quality education and strong relationship with students. VUT has found a local college for its Bachelor of Business programme. The college is offering the course as a 3+0 programme to students.

Students who enrol for the Bachelor of Business here are really lucky because they can actually get the best. It is believed that students get the best of everything. As proof of his claim, he discloses that  College students often achieve better results than VUT students.

Conducting workshop sessions from lecturers

Students have the advantage of continuity in environment as they do not have to complete their degree in Australia. VUT staff visits the college almost every fortnight to conduct lectures and workshop sessions for the students.

Besides visits, they also keep in touch with students and staff regularly, so there is also a continuity in lecturing staff. The business degree programme requires students to take eight core units for the first year, with the flexibility of majoring in either accountancy, banking and finance, international trade or marketing in the second year.

Even though the programme is offered as a full programme at this local college, students have the option of spending any length of time from one semester or more at the VUT campus in Australia.

Local 3+0 degree

Of course, the best advantage in the 3+0 programme is that students make considerable savings if they choose to complete their degree locally. However, he admits that while the students may gain in monetary terms, they may lose out in other areas.

There are almost 1,600 local database of international students currently studying at VUT, which makes it a truly international environment.  Students may not get the exposure to this environment if they choose to stay here locally .  This is why, there are plans for a two-way flow between VUT and  the local College, where students from the university campus in Australia will study a semester or two in the college.

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